Comprehensive Information on Samoa for You

Things to Know When Planning Your Trip to Samoa

Have you heard of the international dateline? That is exactly where Samoa is located. It is bordered by New Zealand and Hawaii with an estimated area of 2,800 sq. kilometers. With the small size, exploring the country is easy. The temperatures in Samoa are hot all year-round. In the past, there has been an influx in the number of tourists who visited the nation. Are you planning to visit this nation but you lack adequate information on it? These tips can guide you on what to expect.

There is something about the people of Samoa that is amazing. They are social, friendly, and love visitors. Additionally, they exude an air of confidence in themselves. They are comfortable with their lifestyle. Instead of criticizing each other, they have a culture of lifting each other. A visit to this Island gives you the real picture of the type of country you are dealing with.

What Is the Culture of the Samoans?

First, there are people they have named the Fa’afafine. At birth, they are assigned the male gender. However, they are known to possess both feminine and masculine traits. They are known to have a third gender, which is recognized by the Samoan culture. They are accepted by the Samoan people.

Though the Samoans have always stuck to their traditional cultures, Christianity has also been accepted. This happened in 2007 when the constitution was changed to recognize Samoa as a Christian nation and not a secular one.

The people of Samoa love Tattoos. It is an art that began years ago but is still practiced today. The tattoos are painted using traditional tools in a ritual believed to invite spirits. These tattoos are painted for both males and females with the difference being the part of the body where they are located for the different genders. Although most people on the Island speak Samoan, so you can freely use web resources to get English Samoan translation .

Which Currency Is Used in the Nation?

The Samoan Currency, shortened as WST, is called the Samoan Tala. It is advisable to do an exchange of currency before you enter Samoa. However, there are exchange bureaus at the airport when you arrive. Many other exchange bureaus are also found at the capital city, Apia. The capital city is located 35 km away from the major International Airport, Faleolo. The airport is a good place to begin your exploration of Samoa as a first-time visitor.

When Is the Best Time to Pay a Visit to Samoa?

Being a country located within a tropical climate, it is hot throughout the year with humid conditions. The humidity reduces in the period of July and September. This is the best time to be in the nation. You have to take caution even as you visit the country at this time. Carry light clothes, sun cream to protect you from the sun, and have plenty of water as you walk around to keep yourself hydrated.

Flights into the country land at Faleolo international airport. The airlines that serve the nation include Fiji and New Zealand Airways which fly to and from Fiji, Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

What Are the Requirements Before Entry?

When you arrive in Samoa, you are issued with a tourist Visa free of charge. As a tourist, it is a requirement that you have a valid passport and a flight ticket showing that you will leave the country within 60 days. Some intend to stay past the 60 days or want to work in Samoa, but you have to make a formal permit application at your Consulate in Samoa.

How Does One Move Around Samoa?

The most convenient way to use when exploring the nation is to rent a car. There are car rental businesses at the airport of entry. However, there are also less expensive alternatives, such as the use of a taxi or the available bus service. They may not be as convenient as renting a car.

Attractive Places to Visit in Samoa

If you are planning to visit the country, there are prominent tourist destinations you need to visit. Some are explained below:

  • Palolo National Reserve

The location has blue waters. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the tropical fishes.

  • Dwarves Cave

It is in the villages of Apia. Its mysterious appearance is what attracts tourists. You can explore the cave for hours enjoying the lava tube.

  • Papaseea Rock

The sliding rock is located in Faleata district. You can enjoy swimming as you slide down the rock.

There are still other nice locations such as the Lake Lanoto, the rainforest, the blowholes at Alofaaga, and the Papapapaitai falls among others. With the knowledge you have of Samoa, it is obvious that this nation is an excellent place to visit. Explore it on your vacation for total enjoyment.