Japanese Language Software

Japanese language software takes many forms – as you’ll see! We have a classic software training system, taking you through each level in full techincolor; the Pimsleur approach; “Human Japanese” – a new software system, and then – how could we leave this one out – a Nintendo language learning game

Hope you enjoy this selection! Here we go:

Rosetta Stone Japanese

Probably the most well-known language software biggies, Rosetta Stone’s Japanese program offers three levels, taking you from starter to advanced level. The site shows you a range of topics and skills you will cover, as well as screenshot examples of the different levels, and a demo video. Check out the “how it works” section to watch videos of students studying different languages.

It’s well worth checking out if you need to really flex your muscles in this language.

Pimsleur Japanese

Pimsleur says you can “learn like a spy, pass for a native” – and proudly states that the FBI and CIA have used its courses.

But there’s nothing too secretive about the method itself – the website explains all about Dr Pimsleur and his approach to language learning and teaching. They guarantee that within 30 days you’ll learn to speak Japanese.

An interesting site – but only you can decide if this will help you accomplish your mission!

Human Japanese

Here’s a beautiful site – that also contains informative pages. The home page takes you straight into a free trial download as well as a browser trial that you can check out right now.

Features of Human Japanese include plenty of written information about Japan and its culture, animated writing examples, quizzes and pronunciation guide. It’s also very affordable. My Japanese Coach – Nintendo DSFrom a playing card business to Japan’s third largest company (so Wikipedia tells me), Nintendo now brings us some of its mother tongue, in the form of a Nintendo DS Japanese learning game.

Pronounce sounds, learn to write, and play those ever-present mini-games to reinforce your knowledge! You can also check out this game at Amazon, where it gets very good reviews on the whole. As a Nintendo DS player myself, I think it’s great that language learning software can be found on such platforms, and so I’m tempted to try this one!