Tips on Hotels, Vacations, and Much More!

Finding The Best Hotel For You

After booking your airline tickets, the next step in building your vacation or business travel plans is to find the right hotel for you. This depends on who you are, what you want to do, and where you plan to go during your trip. What follows are a list of tips that will help you to find the best accommodations for you and your travel needs.

Look for the customer service rating. How are they rated according to their rooms and services, and how do regular travelers rate the rooms? Don’t make your hotel reservations until you’ve seen (at least) photos of the hotel, a list of their services, and read some of their customer reviews.

Look into package deals. This has become very popular with vacation destinations – for example a hotel reservation will cost significantly less if booked alongside an airline ticket or rental car. Think about the location of the hotel. Do you want to be close to the airport, or located near a specific area of entertainment? Do you want to avoid expensive cab fares, or is it worth it if you can enjoy some local fun?

Before booking your hotel reservation, make sure that the services you most wanted are complimentary, and know when they do or do not apply. That free shuttle service may not operate when your flight comes in.

Keep an eye out for the little “extras.” Does the hotel charge an extra fee for parking? Are there local surcharges and taxes? When is checkout and will you be fined if you can’t make it out at that time?

Your hotel experience can make or break your travel plans, so take the time to look into the accommodations, and find the place that will make this trip a wonderful memory.